Bridge over the Common Grounds

We have just leaned that the bridge over our common ground is scheduled to open at the end of May. When we get more specific information we will let everyone know.

Ron Connell

News from the City of O’Fallon Water Department

The City of O’Fallon has advised us that there are a few homes in our neighborhood that have experienced some water pressure issues.  If you are experiencing issues please contact Conan Stott at the City of O’Fallon

water_tips-1  Click this link to get more water tips for your home.

Your Trustees

Deer Creek Drive Update

The County has notified us that their first major concrete pour is scheduled for Friday, October 2nd pending favorable weather.  This will be the first of three major pours that will occur over the next few weeks.  They will be starting at the end of Elaine Dr. on the south end of the project and placing the North Bound lane of pavement up to the south end of the bridge (or as far as they can get).  They will then allow the concrete to cure for approx. 6 day and then continue with another pour.  This process will be complete one more time for a total of three pours.  This should complete the pavement for the North Bound and South Bound lanes of traffic, south of the bridge.  The work and schedule will be weather dependent.


Construction traffic (concrete trucks) will be evident during these pavement pours as they will access the site from the south end through Walden Pond.  It should not be as heavy as what previously occurred during the early stages of the project when dump trucks were being utilized to bring fill to the site.


Saw cutting joints in pavement is a time sensitive activity that has to occur within several hours after the pavement is placed (all dependent upon how fast or slow the concrete cures) therefore it is anticipated that some of this work will occur late in the evening and likely outside of the City’s allowable construction working hours (7 AM to 7 PM for Oct. 1 – May 31) per Ord. 500.420.

New Link

A new link has been added to the Community Link Tab that will take you to the City of O’Fallon Ordinances.  It is  Go there to get information on the “do and don’ts” of our city.

New Resident Trustee

Rich Heath of 1553 Hunters Meadow Dr. was elected as our third Trustee at the HOA meeting last Tuesday.

Congratulations Rich.

Your trustees are:

Ron Connell
Rich Mannerbach
Rich Heath

Recent Crime Reports


We seem to have experienced a crime spree recently in the Manors at Deer Creek. I subscribe to a website that reports police reports for the O’Fallon Police (public notices so nothing I am going to share here is confidential). Here are the specific events that have occurred:

1. 6/24 on the 1300 block of Soft Crossing DUI…
2. 6/27 on Shady Timber Dr. Drugs (2 events on the same day)
3. 6/27 in the 1000 block of Shady Timber Forced Entry (Burglary)

I know on at least one of this events the O’Fallon police responded as a result of a tip from a resident. I think everyone would agree, we do not need or want this type of activity in our neighborhood, so if you see something, do not hesitate to call the police, they have been very responsive.

Ron Connell

Deer Creek Drive Extension

DCD_Revised Project Limits (2)Homeowners,

We have recently received information from the St. Charles Highway Department that we wanted to share with you.

The total project cost for this project is estimated at $6.5 million dollars, which will be paid 100% by St. Charles County.  The City of O’Fallon did not directly contribute to the cost of this project.  The contract completion date for the bridge is April 30, 2016. After April 30, 2016, penalties will be incurred by the contractor, therefore.  Millstone Weber (the primary contractor) may attempt to finish the majority of the work before the end of this year, weather and other factors permitting.

The County informed us that the bridge has been designed to pass the 100-year design flood with a No-Rise in water surface elevations and that there is a sidewalk proposed on the bridge.  It will be separated from traffic by a concrete barrier.  You can see the bridge plans as well as other documents related to this project on the Deer Creek Drive Extension Tab of this web site.

Ron Connell

Trustee:  The Manors at Deer Creek


Deer Creek Drive Extension

To all Manors at Deer Creek Residents…

We have closed the sale and received payment from the St. Charles Highway Department for the portion of our common ground they need to complete the extension of Deer Creek Dr. through to Elaine Dr. in Walden Pond.  They expect to start construction as soon as the weather improves.

Ron Connell

Deer Creek Drive Extension

To all Manors at Deer Creek Residents, 

We have just been informed that the St. Charles County Highway Department has chosen Millstone Weber is the General Contractor for the extension of Deer Creek Drive across our Common Grounds to the Walden Pond Subdivision.   They will officially begin on March 2, 2015 with an anticipated completion date of April 30, 2016.

Deer Creek Drive Extension – Update

To All Residents:

Your Trustees have recently finalized the sale of a small portion of the Common Ground to St. Charles County to allow for the extension of Deer Creek Dr. to Walden Pond and ultimately to Bryan Road.

As soon as we have details on the estimated start date of the construction, we will forward all the information via letter (including the financial impact to the HOA) to all residents.