Bridge Construction Damage

Here is the information you need to pursue claims with Millstone Weber if you suspect your home has sustained damage due to the bridge construction.
Call or e-mail Colette Diedrich at Millstone Weber. She can be reached at 636.688.8879 or She will notify the adjuster and open a claim for you.
I spoke with her today as a crack has appeared in the foundation of my home. She was very helpful and got the ball rolling quickly.
She told me that the insurance carrier for this is Gallager Bassett and more than likely they will assign one adjustor to investigate all the claims in our subdivision. Hopefully if you are seeking to file a claim, you had Vibra Tech to the pre-construction photo inspection…which is what they will use to compare to.
So far I am aware of 3 complaints filed on Water View Lane, including my home.
Hope this helps.